Work Parties/Trail Maintenance Work Parties/Trail Maintenance The Rock Pile -- Turnpike Work Party 174186411 ICC BCHW Adopt A Park at Putney 174186413 Turnpike Work Party Gravel Shovel Gang 174186415 Building the Turnpike 174186417 Turnpike Party Gravel Spread 175342367 NW Region BCHW work party. 193377366 Dec. Storm Cleanup Clearing trees along the Stone Soup Ride route in Putney Woods. 196950751 Pack Pony Diane and her pony Mouse, who hauled chainsaws and other gear to downed trees and blocked trails deep in Putney Woods. 196950752 Pack Pony Some BIG trees came down this year, one tree crossed the trail four times! 196950753 Break Time 196950754 Trail Clearing Jim clearing a log blocking a trail in Putney Woods. 196950755 Downed Tree 196950756 Water Bars These water bars were installed in 2013, here they are one year later, doing their job well! 196950757 Turnpike 200842539 Turnpike 200842540 Turnpike 200842541 Working on the Turnpike 200842542 Working on the Turnpike 200842543 Working on the Turnpike 200842544 Working on the Turnpike 200842545 Looking Good! 200842546 Working on the Turnpike 200842547 Completed Turnpike & Crew 200842548 Completed Turnpike & Crew 200842549 200842550 200842551 Completed Turnpike 200842552 Completed Turnpike 200842553 200842554 200842555