Island County Chapter  
Back Country Horsemen of Washington

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Preparations for our big Trillium trails improvement project are
underway. Here is the plan and schedule so you can decide when you can
best come and help.

The work-site is at the Bounty Loop ADA parking lot. Bounty Loop Rd is
off of Mutiny Bay Rd north of Freeland.

1. August 5, Sunday 9:00 AM, meet at the Bolton/Chadwick Farm, 4534
Putney Woods Ln, Langley to pre-drill 55 railroad ties and load them on
a trailer and cut landscape fabric.

2.  August 9, Thursday at 10:00 AM, gravel will be delivered to the
Bounty Loop Parking lot. Jim and Jerry will be doing pre-workday trail
clearing and moving gravel up the trail with tractors.

3.  August 10, Friday, time undecided, RR ties will be driven to Bounty
Loop parking lot and moved up the trail with tractors. Some strong
bodies will be needed to help move RR ties from the trailer to the tractors.

4. August 11, Saturday, this is turnpike building day. Everyone is
needed to position RR ties, lay out fabric and move and rake gravel.

When we finish the Bounty Loop Trail in the Trillium Woods will be much
improved for equine riders, bike riders and walkers.

The supplies for this work are paid for with grant money from BCHW.

Bring weedwackers, hand trimmers, rakes, gloves, etc.

For more information on scheduled work parties, please contact our 'Trail Bosses':

Tim Keohane:  [email protected]
Jim Chadwick: [email protected]